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    US-amerikanischer Spielfilm über die Anfänge der Black Panther Party for Self Defense8)

    Sollte sich jeder anschauen, der sich aktuell mit Black Lives Matter solidarisiert hat. :thumbup:

    Antiklassismus + Antirassismus = that's the real shit ;)

    We say that 'Black Lives Matter'

    Well truthfully they really never have

    No one ever really gave a fuck

    Just read your bullshit history books

    But honestly it ain't just black

    It's yellow, it's brown, it's red

    It's anyone who ain't got cash

    Poor whites that they call trash


    Don't fall for the bait and switch

    Racism is real, but not it

    They fuck whoever can't fight back

    But now we gotta change all that

    The people have had enough

    Right now, it's them against us

    This shit is ugly to the core

    When it comes to the poor



    [Spoken: Ice-T]

    You never see them pulling rich people out of their cars in their neighbourhoods, because they know they got lawyers. They know they'll sue their ass. They can tell who to fuck with. Unfortunately, black or brown skin has always meant poor. They're profiling you kid. They know you can't fight back. But we about to