• Hoppla, da waren seine Agenturfuzzis wohl gerade auf dem Klo.

  • Too much information...

  • Too much information...

    #metoo Aktion?

    "Why you take your pants off?"

    "My balls was hot"

    "I understand"

  • Da fliegt dir glatt der Aluhut um die Ohren

    We still don’t know what caused the pandemic, but that’s not the issue here. The concept of telling the public you’re this certain of something when you quite obviously are not is at least somewhat new, both in politics and in media. The crucial problem shown in this reel is the complete absence of humility about the possibility of error. The most well-meaning scientists make mistakes — even the famous tale of the discovery of HIV’s “Patient Zero” later fell into question thanks to genetic analysis — and there was a time not long ago when no responsible press outlet would have declared any hypothesis off-limits before the mystery had been solved.

    🕊 Lumpenpazifisten und Friedensschwurbler aller Länder, vereinigt euch! 🕊

  • Auf Bru Ch2.2

    Da müssen die Clowns selbst lachen.

  • Das bürgerlich-politische Spektrum als ewiger Kreislauf:

    ("liberal" muss man in UnserLand natürlich durch "Sozialdemokrat*in" und "libertarian" durch "FDP-Groupie" ersetzen)

  • Warum sitzt er da nicht hinter einem Ofenrost? Amateur.

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