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  • Keine Ahnung, aber vorallem scheint China rassistische Vorurteile gegen Hollywood-Profite zu haben:

    Das scheint mir doch der eigentliche Skandal zu sein!

    So sieht ein Filmmarkt aus, der nicht nur das Eigene bevorzugt:








    1 138.716.491 10.185.034 13,62 BV 14.12.2022 Avatar - The Way of Water James Cameron oscar 3D
    2 128.452.391 18.987.684 6,77 FOX 08.01.1998 Titanic James Cameron oscar WA 3D
    3 119.191.457 11.692.617 10,19 FOX 17.12.2009 Avatar - Aufbruch nach Pandora James Cameron oscar 3D
    4 102.658.773 9.072.244 11,32 BV 17.12.2015 Star Wars - Das Erwachen der Macht J.J. Abrams 3D
    5 *91.809.676 *27.293.363 3,36 MGM 13.12.1968 Das Dschungelbuch Wolfgang Reitherman
    6 83.387.721 11.995.534 6,95 WB 19.12.2001 Der Herr der Ringe - Die Gefährten Peter Jackson oscar
    7 77.674.846 12.670.805 6,13 WB 22.11.2001 Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen Chris Columbus
    8 75.712.139 10.816.566 7,00 WB 18.12.2002 Der Herr der Ringe - Die zwei Türme Peter Jackson oscar
    9 72.811.899 10.507.981 6,93 WB 17.12.2003 Der Herr der Ringe - Die Rückkehr des Königs Peter Jackson oscar
    10 69.612.522 5.916.695 11,77 BV 14.12.2017 Star Wars - Die letzten Jedi Rian Johnson 3D

    Uff, Star Wars Teil 8.

  • Früher in der Woche:…-focusing-on-u-s-b2fed0e0

    Neuste angebliche Erkenntnis:…/china-spy-base-cuba.html

    Und noch ein bisschen mehr von diesem Drama:


    High-level meetings, including an official trip by Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, were canceled again earlier this year, after a Chinese spy balloon was seen crossing the United States by people on the ground, and tracked hovering near sensitive military sites.

    Mr. Blinken is now scheduled to travel to Beijing for meetings that begin June 18, and it is unclear if revelations of a Chinese spy facility so close to U.S. territory could complicate those plans. [...]

    Oh, nein.



    The Dutch government plans to vet international students after universities barred some Chinese postgraduates from top technology degrees over fears they could be a risk to national security.

    Education minister Robbert Dijkgraaf said he was investigating curbs on students funded by the state-run Chinese Scholarship Council after several universities started excluding them on security grounds.


    “What I see happening is that gradually all Dutch universities will reduce the number of students from China and reduce research co-operation with Chinese counterparts,” said Robert-Jan Smits, president of TU/e.

    “The Dutch government is asking universities to take a more restrictive approach and look after their crown jewels better,” he added.

    Dahinter steht natürlich:


    Dijkgraaf added that there was no specific policy “to exclude Chinese students . . . or to discourage co-operation with Chinese institutes or researchers in sensitive fields”.

    However, The Hague has come under pressure from Washington to restrict the transfer of advanced technology to China.

    Aber ich glaube die machen sich was vor:


    It has announced that the most advanced silicon chipmaking machines from manufacturer ASML would require an export licence.

    Liesje Schreinemacher, the Dutch trade minister, said in an interview that China might try to skirt the controls by procuring the knowledge from Dutch universities instead.

    “If you want a certain technology, you first try to buy the technology. If that doesn’t work, you try to invest. If that doesn’t work, you send people to the technology institutions to get the technology or to get the knowledge of that technology.

    Der Zug dürfte abgefahren sein. Die Chinesen haben ein großes nationales Programm für die Entwicklung von Lithographie-Verfahren, spätestens mit den US-Sanktionensbemühungen ist das maximal ausgestattet, und ich sehe keinen Grund, warum sie alles, was anderweitig nicht zu erhalten ist, nicht selbst entwicklen können sollen.


    Hab mal nachgeschaut, das sind Kanadier. Die scheinen einige krasse China-Falken hervorzubringen.


    Viele Kubaner in Florida, die vielleicht mit dem Mutterland wiedervereinigt werden müssen. ^^

  • Haben sie [Blinken] endlich nach China gelassen:…5e9fe78de20c36818d/c.html


    On Sunday, Qin accepted an invitation to visit Washington, the State Department said, after 7 1/2 hours of talks with Blinken that both sides described as “productive” and “candid.”…ors-fundraiser/index.html


    “The reason why Xi Jinping got very upset in terms of when I shot that balloon down with two boxcars full of spy equipment in it is he didn’t know it was there,” Biden told Democratic donors underneath a white tent in a backyard in Marin County. “No, I’m serious. That’s what’s a great embarrassment for dictators, when they didn’t know what happened.”



    When President Joe Biden referred to his Chinese counterpart as a dictator late Tuesday in California, the response from Beijing was swift and angry.

    “The remarks seriously contradict basic facts, seriously violate diplomatic etiquette, and seriously infringe on China’s political dignity,” the spokesperson for the foreign ministry said.

    Whether the new acrimony further derails a “thaw” in US-China ties, something that Biden has openly hoped for, remained an open question.


  • Laut dem CEO von Raytheon ist das Konglomerat auf China angewiesen und kann sich nicht vollkommen unabhängig machen:…fa-4042-a918-37e71eb7282e

    Warum sagt es das eigentlich?


    Beijing in February imposed new sanctions on both Raytheon and US defence peer Lockheed Martin for supplying weapons to Taiwan. Hayes has also been placed under sanctions.

    The sanctions have had little commercial impact as the groups are not allowed to sell military equipment to China. Raytheon, however, has a substantial commercial aerospace business in the country through its engine subsidiary, Pratt & Whitney, and aviation systems and cabin equipment specialist Collins Aerospace. It has about 2,000 direct employees in China.



    “We are looking at de-risking, to take some of the most critical components and have second sources but we are not in a position to pull out of China the way we did out of Russia,” said Hayes.

    Einschränkend muss man vielleicht sagen, es wird nicht unbedingt klar, ob das jetzt vorallem deren Luftfahrtsparte oder auch die Rüstungssparte betrifft.


    No change, Jack!

    (Das war doch so etwa sein Kampagnenversprechen.)…cnn-state-of-the-union-3/


    QUESTION: I have to ask you about China. You just went to Beijing last week. It was an attempt to smooth frayed relations with China. Two days later, President Biden called Xi Jinping a dictator, which angered China so much that they issued an official diplomatic reprimand to the U.S. ambassador. Was the President wrong to call Xi Jinping a dictator?

    SECRETARY BLINKEN: Dana, it’s very clear that when it comes to China, we are going to do and say things that they don’t like; they are going to do and say things that we don’t like. If you look at what comes out of the Chinese foreign ministry every day about the United States, you’d hear plenty of that.



    QUESTION: Do you believe that Xi Jinping is a dictator?

    SECRETARY BLINKEN: The President speaks clearly. He speaks candidly. I’ve worked for him for more than 20 years. And he speaks for all of us.

    Kotau vor dem Boss.

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  • Auch interessant:

  • Jetzt schauen die auch noch vorbei:


    HONG KONG, June 28. /TASS/. The Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense (MND) has recorded the passage of two Russian Navy warships off of the east coast of the island.


    The Russian Pacific Fleet’s press office earlier reported that the corvettes Gromky and Sovershennyy traversed the South China Sea and then entered the southern section of the Philippine Sea, where the vessels are conducting maneuvers as part of a long-distance, blue-water ocean patrol aimed at demonstrating Russia’s naval presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

    Überall, wo die NATO die regelbasierte, internationale Ordnung besorgen will.

  • Wie kann es sein, dass sie immer noch über das Ding reden?…r-us-pentagon-2023-06-29/


    WASHINGTON, June 29 (Reuters) - A Chinese spy balloon that flew over the United States earlier this year before being shot down did not collect information as it went across the country, the Pentagon said on Thursday.

    "We assess that it did not collect while it was flying over the U.S.," Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder told reporters.

    The balloon spent a week flying over the United States and Canada before the U.S. military shot it down off the Atlantic Coast on Biden's orders.

  • Wie kann es sein, dass sie immer noch über das Ding reden?

    Na weil Opa Sepp neulich meinte, das sei für Diktatoren wie Imperator Xi ganz peinlich, wenn die nicht wissen wo ihre undemokratischen Ballons rumfliegen, und echte Cowboys wie er die dann mit ihrem Colt Peacemaker abknallen, und weil die Lakaien des Chinahitlers daraufhin ganz empört waren und meinten, das sei eine Unverschämtheit sondergleichen gewesen.

  • Ja, vermutlich ist es Versuch der Deskalierung, aber man könnte auch einfach aufhören über das Teil zu sprechen. War das nicht das East Palestine-Ablenkungsprogramm statt dem ewigen einseitigen Symbol US-chinesischer Feindschaft?

  • Als Antwort auf westliche Sanktionen (USA, aber zum Beispiel auch Niederlande) gegen die chinesische Halbleiterindustrie wird die Volksrepublik ab August den Export von Gallium und Germanium einschränken, man benötigt dann eine Exportlizenz der Regierung:…2307/20230703419666.shtml

    Via Google Translate:

    Nationale Sicherheit wird hier als ein wesentliches einschränkendes Kriterium für eine solche Lizenz genannt.

    Herstellung Gallium: Volksrepublik China, 2020: 317 von 327 Tonnen (laut Wikipedia)

    Herstellung Germanium: Volksrepublik China, 2020: 95 von 140 Tonnen (laut Wikipedia)

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