Elon Musk: Master of the Universe

  • Der leibhaftige Herrenwitz hat wieder zugeschlagen:

  • Ich denke damit ist klar, in welche Richtung X weiterentwickelt wird.



    [...] Meanwhile, X had conducted a series of focus groups showing that customers disliked the brand name, because it reminded them of porn. [...]

  • Oh, Schreck, das Ding blitzt:


  • https://www.democracynow.org/2…r_countering_digital_hate


    Center for Countering Digital Hate Vows to Keep Monitoring Hate Speech on X Despite Elon Musk Lawsuit

    After the Center for Countering Digital Hate reported that hate speech has soared on the website formerly known as Twitter, now rebranded as “X,” Elon Musk responded by filing a lawsuit against the center over the research, calling the group “evil” and its CEO Imran Ahmed a “rat.” X accuses the watchdog group of unlawfully accessing data to “falsely claim it had statistical support showing the platform is overwhelmed with harmful content.” This comes as Musk has laid off about 80% of the workforce at X, including a large number of content moderators, and shut down its Trust and Safety Council. “When there is hate and disinformation being algorithmically amplified into billions of timelines, it’s perfectly right that people that oppose the spread, the production and distribution of hate seek to research it and seek to put that out into the public sphere,” says Ahmed. While Musk calls himself a “free speech absolutist,” silencing critics is his “go-to tactic to avoid accountability,” says Nora Benavidez, senior counsel and director of Digital Justice and Civil Rights at Free Press.



    So, I look at this long track record that Elon Musk has when it comes to silencing critics. That’s his go-to tactic to evade accountability. He has done that over and over again. He did it even before he took over Twitter. Back when he was running Tesla, he had a long track record of silencing people. He fired employees who spoke about malfunctions with their cars. He colluded with and partnered with the Chinese government to make sure that any malfunctions at all on listservs would be minimized. And that kind of bad behavior, that silencing of critics, has transferred to Twitter, or X. And now we’ve really seen eight or so months of just a long track record of Elon Musk going after anyone who tries to be critical of something he doesn’t like.

    And so, as you say, he has a global track record of this. There was a BBC documentary which explored the targeting by the Indian government of the Muslim minority population. And what he did was he systematically worked with the Modi government to make sure that posts about that BBC documentary that supported it, that applauded the kind of attention that needed to come to that issue in India, was suppressed, minimized and downgraded on the platform.

    He has other examples, of course, where he sort of cherry-picks content. When he doesn’t like what someone is saying, he uses the biggest platform in the world to make sure that people don’t see it. He removes journalists when he doesn’t like what they are saying or the way that they are covering him. He makes sure that competition with Twitter is also minimized. This is sort of a — as Imran said, a cacophony. And the chaos that Elon Musk has created means that it’s hard for us to track it, unless we have the researchers in place, the kinds of tools and the transparency that shine a light on what’s really happening in a company, that Elon Musk has done everything to hide from us, to evade accountability.


  • Was ist denn das "Center for Countering Digital Hate", ist das so eine Klitsche wie die Antonio Amadeu Bude oder was ernsteres?

    Ka, aber das aus meiner Sicht irgendwie für das was da berichtet wurde ziemlich egal.

    Kann den möglichen Reflex allem was so mit "Hate" im Internet benannt ist erstmal ablehnend entgegen zu stehen schon irgendwie auch gut verstehen und sogar gewisser Maßen selbst empfinden. Hatte schon überlegt allein deswegen die Überschrift weg zu lassen.

  • Frage an die Expertenrunde: Gab es eigentlich einen bestimmten Anlass für den Schwachsinn?

    Ich glaub grob hat es damit zu tun, das Musk 2/3 der Twitter Belegschaft gefeuert hat und diese dann zu Meta gegangen sind um dort am neuen Twitter-Konkurrenten Threads zu arbeiten. Musk hat dann Zuckerberg vorgeworfen, er würde ihm seine Arbeitskräfte abwerben um "sein" know-how zu stehlen, und hat Klage eingereicht. Aber ich folge dem ganzen nicht aktiv, also keine Ahnung ob es da noch einen anderen Anlass gab.

    10-- 1-01 10=- 1-00 1--2 10=0 1-2= 1-01 10=0 1-01 1-20 10=1 10=2 10=1 1-10 10=0 10=1 1-00 1-21 1-21 1-02

  • Vermeidet Musk X zu sagen?

    Na wenn er als Zirkusdirektor von twitter X auf twitter X postet, dass sein epischer Gladiatoren-Bossfight gegen The Zuck in den Ruinen des Circus Maximus auf seiner virtuellen Zirkusplattform übertragen wird, dann muss er doch nicht extra dazu sagen, dass twitter die jetzt X heißt.

  • Ich denke damit ist klar, in welche Richtung X weiterentwickelt wird.


    Diesen Schweinkram spülen sie mir in den feed (den ich normalerweise ignoriere).

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